Data Dashboards

The Tourism Tracer team uses cutting edge GPS technology and world leading computer programming to understand the travel behaviour of tourists. We are committed to high impact, user friendly access to academic research via our data dashboards. This technology is being utilised by numerous tourist destinations worldwide, and allows the tourism industry to access information on tourist behaviour in unprecedented detail.

Tourism Skåne Project Sweden

This ground breaking research project will assess the travel behaviours of cyclists using the 274 km long Sydostleden (Southeastern) Trail in Southern Sweden. A closed source library containing the Tourism Tracer © app technology has been synced to the back end of an existing Sydostleden Trail app. This will allow tourists' location and survey data -designed by the Tourism Tracer team- to be sent through to the Tourism Tracer© database and visualizations to be made via the Tourism Tracer dashboard.

Tourist Tracking Project Tasmania

During 2017, the Tourism Tracer team will track a randomized, representative sample of approximately 1000 tourist groups in Tasmania, in order to decipher the travel behavior of tourists over the course of an entire year. Funding and support has been provided by the University of Tasmania, the Tasmanian government (Department of State Growth), the Federal Group, the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania and its four regional tourism authorities, plus the Spirit of Tasmania, the Launceston Airport and the Hobart Airport.

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Tourist Tracking Project Japan

During January 2018, Tourism Tracer ran a successful pilot around Hokkaido, Japan's northern island. Tourist were tracked in real-time throughout their journey using the Tourism Tracer Research App. Results of the pilot are now being presented to the local tourism industry.

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